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Nov 5, 2019
AstraCelestial - Matilda - Bad Teacher - 2 []

At one point in this movie, her boyfriend squeezes out an enormous turd (yes, there is male scat in here, get over it) that Matilda proceeds to entirely cover her mouth with. It has to be at least an inch thick! Her boyfriend then puts his stiff pecker at where her mouth probably is, and starts to shit fuck her mouth while she squeels!
The very first time I saw this, I groaned "Oh you fucking, dirty little whore..!" and came all over my desk.
That part was just that good to me.


Amateur Scat Models: AstraCelestial - Matilda (Celestial)
Category: Ass Fingering, Female Scat, Shit Smearing, Couple Scat Sex, Pissing, Anal, Enema,

File: MP4
Size: 1900 MB
Duration: 00:22:54
Resolution: 1920x1080

AstraCelestial - Matilda - Bad Teacher -
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