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Nov 5, 2019
AstraCelestial - Matilda - Bad Teacher - 3 []

This is amature scat action at it's best. Yes, the camera is a bit shaky, since they are often filming them self hand-held, the lightning could have been better as the movie is sometimes a bit grainy, and they are sometimes a bit out of frame. But Matilda is so very fucking into this, and she is so adorable, that it goes down as a huge winner.
Most of the time the action takes place on a plastic covered sofa, but the couple moves on into the bathtub for the finnish.
In this movie there will be fucking, both in the vag and in the ass, blowjobs, rimming, shitting, choking, lots of eye contact :wub: smearing, shit fucking, enemas and a cum shot in the mouth.


Amateur Scat Models: AstraCelestial - Matilda (Celestial)
Category: Ass Fingering, Female Scat, Shit Smearing, Couple Scat Sex, Pissing, Anal, Enema,

File: MP4
Size: 1970 MB
Duration: 00:23:19
Resolution: 1920x1080

AstraCelestial - Matilda - Bad Teacher -
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