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Nov 5, 2019

You know what the bitches are made for. The bitches are made for being exploited! And we of course mean sexually exploited here! ExploitedBitches gives you a wonderful opportunity to dig yourself into your filthiest fantasies which show all the different ways you would treat a hot bitch. The site’s design reveals the idea just perfectly. Pay attention to the plentiful sample images each of which shows a bitch taking a cock she probably hates to take, but still takes it because there’s shit she can do about it. Mixed with catchy text just in the right proportion, these images and the stories create the right atmosphere for this more than worthy site. You certainly want to see all the nasty ways in which these silly girls are exploited. We can assure you, there are a lot. Grabbing, slapping, cussing, tying them, facefucking till they beg for mercy and then not stopping, ass-gaping anal sex, it’s all there, and more. The girls are young and helpless, the men are powerful and perpetually horny, what else do you need? The site is a reputable member in the network of other forced sex sites, and it has a style of its own. Gangbangs, masked forced sex encounters in the woods, it has it all. Start pampering your dirty demons right now, the bitches are waiting and willing to be exploited!

Site: ExploitedBitches.Com
Size: 1520 MB
Duration: 09:11:58
Resolution: 320x240

Screens Link:
ExploitedBitches.Com - screens.rar - 5.1 MB

Folder Links:

ExploitedBitches.Com - abduction_001_gim_all.avi - 72.5 MB
ExploitedBitches.Com - bandit_20m_001_okm_all.avi - 113.4 MB
ExploitedBitches.Com - boss_001_zus_all.avi - 78.5 MB
ExploitedBitches.Com - bound_blonde_001_bkk_all.avi - 35.5 MB
ExploitedBitches.Com - caught_sleep_001_wuq_all.avi - 43.5 MB
ExploitedBitches.Com - doctors_32m_001_gpj_all.avi - 120.8 MB
ExploitedBitches.Com - forest_gang_001_iww_all.avi - 57.3 MB
ExploitedBitches.Com - girlfriend_001_fea_all.avi - 71.8 MB
ExploitedBitches.Com - girls_001_ari_all.avi - 22.9 MB
ExploitedBitches.Com - japan_001_ren_all.avi - 296.9 MB
ExploitedBitches.Com - kass_45_30m_rape_001_pfj_all.avi - 68.5 MB
ExploitedBitches.Com - marina_001_ihh_all.avi - 6.9 MB
ExploitedBitches.Com - militrisa_001_nvb_all.avi - 20.4 MB
ExploitedBitches.Com - rd_guest_001_gwt_all.avi - 71.8 MB
ExploitedBitches.Com - rd_teen_001_vnu_all.avi - 56.8 MB
ExploitedBitches.Com - scared_knife_001_llv_all.avi - 49.9 MB
ExploitedBitches.Com - soldiersof_fortune_32m_001_raw_all.avi - 162.9 MB
ExploitedBitches.Com - tvmaster_20m_001_lsj_all.avi - 116.8 MB
ExploitedBitches.Com - tw_one_001_ftz_all.avi - 29.6 MB
ExploitedBitches.Com - zhenyaandr_bathroom_001_mox_all.avi - 68.7 MB
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