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Nov 5, 2019
First Timers - MFX-Media

Latifa and Amanda are two dominatrixes that decide to show their new place for tortures for two new friends Giovanna and Dyana.
However, the two guests start making fun of their bad taste and start messing everything around, so Latifa and Amanda decide to put "a stop" on that situation , and to start showing them a new European sensation - the escatologie - and also show who are true dominatrices...!

Website Number: SD-3061
Studio: MFX-Media
Producer: Marcelo Cross - Trading GmbH Production
Scat Porn Actress: Giovanna, Latifa, Dyana, Amanda
Categories: Scat, Lesbian, Smearing

Size: 1330 MB
Duration: 01:00:48
Resolution: 1280x720

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