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Nov 5, 2019
Forbidden - MFX-Media

Latifa and Nikki are the perfect couple but Rosana, Latifa's mother, doesn't think that of them. She arrives at home and sees them having sex, so she humiliates Nikki and beats on Latifa. She expels Nikki from the house and they go to sleep. Rosana wakes up late to go to work; Nikki was waiting her leaving to meet his forbidden love again. They take their clothes off and have fun making piss and scat. When Rosana arrives suddenly and sees them all dirty she says that Nikki has just done what she likes and join them in an orgy with lots of scat, piss and vomit..

Studio: MFX Media Productions
Producer: Marcelo Cross
Scat Porn Actress: Nikki, Latifa, Rosana
Categories: Scat, Pissing, Lesbian

Size: 744 MB
Duration: 00:57:13
Resolution: 640x480

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