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Nov 5, 2019 - Teens Anal Violated!

Teens Extremely Anal Forced! See Their Asses Brutally Penetrated!

This little beautiful girl invited her childhood friends over for a drink and a talk. As they got more and more drunk her friend stared making a pass at her. She turned him down but he became so upset he ripped her clothe of and jammed his dick into her tight dry pussy. She scream and yelled him to stop but with no effect. She could see there was not escape so she laid passive while he brutally abused her every holed. When he blew his load over her he told her that this was not the last time she was his fuck toy.

Kenneth and Mary always had a fantasy about forcing a girl to fuck together. They pick up a girl and drove to their country house. First they forced her to fuck right on the hood of the car. She cried and begged for mercy. Mary was really excited and dragged her victim into the house where they really could have their way with her. Mary forced her to lick her pussy while Kenneth big cock rammed in and out of her pussy and ass. Kenneth got Mary to throat gag the little teen anal slut. She spit and cried but Mary was in a evil mood and just made the bitch take the cock even deeper.

This poor little sexy slut had had a drink to many and her two friends offered to follow her home, but they had shady businesses in mind. In the elevator she figured out they intentions was to force her to sex. She tried to resist but she was to drunk. They dragged her into her flat and forced her close off. She cried and screamed but her so called friends had no mercy. They brutally forced there cocks into her ass, pulling it out quickly making her gape, ass was so tight and her lips where so soft. They took turn in fucking the shit out of the little slut and left crying and soaking in their love spunk.

This teen slut was dumb enough to piss of to homeless guys. They got pissed and follow her home. They attacked her and ripped her clothes of. She screamed and begged for her life, the bums where high on glue and paint so they were really brutal with her, like a cat with a toy. They fingered her asshole deep and rough before putting a dick into it. Poor girl had never tried anal sex before, and now she was a getting severely anal abused by to bums with big hard cocks. Due to sniffing clue and paint they fucked her for over 2 hours. Poor slut.

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