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Nov 5, 2019
MoviePorn.Com 4K

Porn parodies of Star Wars, Matrix, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, and more? Fuck yeah, we got them. See your favorite characters in hot costumes & watch them …

01 | Edward Cumminghands
This cursed girl would gladly trade her kingdom for a pair of hands, but she's destined to stay the unfinished project of a long-dead inventor. She gave her soft heart and warm pussy to a guy from the nearby village and he fell deeply in love with her. They made passionate love, they fucked and squirted and they created a razor-sharp love. This is the most romantic movie of all times without the fake morality. Wanna play rock, paper, scissors?

02 | Fuck City - A Dame to Cum For
The justice cannot exist without sin and the stripper Nancy was always the woman I'd fuck. Cigarette in one hand, a smoking gun in the other and the biggest caliber in between her legs, the most sinful cunt in the city. Nancy knows she's dealing with a dangerous man and if she lets this fucking get out of control, it will be the end of Fuck City. She wants payback and I want my justice. Nancy is worth me fucking her, worth me cumming on her and worth me ending in jail. Amen.

03 | Cara Loft: Cock Raider
She is beautiful, well educated, mastered several martial arts and her guns are always loaded. Meet Cara Loft, the gorgeous treasurer hunter. She finally found her way into an ancient temple, but now she has to face her arch enemy from the Cult of the Enlightened. She put a gun to his head and stole all of his cum. Our heroine does not fuck around, the great fight to raid all the cocks has just begun.

04 | Catwhore
This black town has a sinister secret. The fatal beauty possessing the strength, speed, agility and a horny pussy. Poising on the deserted rooftops as well as on the thin line between gentle cuddling and violent fucking, she is dangerous, treacherous, exactly as a wild beast should be. Watch out for the mysterious Catwhore, her pussy might be wet, but her claws are always razor sharp.

05 | MatrixXx
Dodge this! Enjoy the legendary Trinity fighting with an Agent in a place where reality is just a mere illusion. Discover the real MatrixXx, way better than the original one. When your guns fail and your virtual kung-fu is not good enough, use your cock and fuck the elusive girl dressed in leather. Everybody wanted to take a look in Trinity's pants and today you finally can. Once you get ready, you won't have to run anymore, just pull out your cock and fuck her. Follow the white rabbit.

06 | Porndora
Soldier, you only get one chance on this planet and that's why you have to feel it right here, in between your legs. The princess Neytitty is beautiful and shy, just as the entire anal loving planet Porndora. Getting inside her blue ass is a task for a proper marine. Fuck that blue shining anal and decide the fate of the whole beauteous Porndora.

07 | Suicide Squirt
Daddy's little monster Harley Quinn is going to fuck her beloved psycho Joker really hard in the ARGUS bar. But then, out of nowhere, a member of the XXX SWAT unit appears, the Enchantress. She is full of rage and her mystical pussy wants to eradicate mankind. But first, she has to cross paths with the super killer maniac and her baseball/pussy bat. Sometimes it's good to be bad!

08 | The Mummy Princess
She spent two millenniums waiting for this chance, she is the damned Egyptian princess Assmanet. She destroyed her sarcophagus, broke free of her chains and reunited with the dark powers to conquer the world. But to achieve her final victory, she has to sodomize her liberator, Dick. Assmanet, the queen of terror, sucks Dick's soul out through his dick and devours every last drop of it. Then her dark pussy can suck in the rest of the world. All hail the Dark Goddess Assmanet!

09 | IT is here
When several young schoolgirls went missing in this little sleepy town, nobody suspected a clown. A crazy clown performing his bizarre circus show to innocent girls before he starts to play and using them. This maniac feeds on their fear. Even this beautiful girl has to face her darkest fears after she was taken while her schoolmate watched. Will her friend save her or will he become the next victim of the evil clown?

10 | A New Hoe
It is a time of civil war. The new hope of the Rebels, beautiful princess Lana was captured and imprisoned on Empire's gigantic space station. The interrogation will be conducted by Lord Dart Analer himself. And he won't hesitate to use the dark side of the power. Fucking her tight asshole hard and jizzing on her face. The Galactic Empire of Evil is winning all the battles and the last hope for freedom in the galaxy has been anally used…

11 | Maleficunt
Once upon a time there was a queen with a nice wet pussy. With betrayal her pussy turned into a nasty pussy. Voraciously hard cock hunter. Cruel Maleficunt driven by a wild desire for fucking and endless orgasms. She fucked every guy from the kingdom and sucked the living water out of them. And before the sun went down she cursed them all and plunged them into the dungeon so that she could rule the entire human empire and establish a reign of sex and eternal pleasure for her own pleasure.

12 | Game of Throats
Kneel before the beautiful Khaleesi, pull out your dick and be at hers will. The only true heiress to the Iron Throne will honour you with her hungry mouth and wet pussy. Her pussy juice is a blessing to every man in the kingdom. However, only the greatest heroes are honoured that the queen sucks their hot cum from the loaded balls to the last drop. Daenerys Cumborn always takes what she wants.

13 | Gollum: An Unexpected Banging
One ring to please them all, one ring to lick them one ring to fuck them all and in the money shot own them. The hobbit Bilbo Ballbags, on his unexpected journey to fuck, discovered the Ring in a dark cave, holding everyone by the balls. Gollum, who is unhappily in love, lost his broken heart in that wet hole. If Bilbo wants to get out, he has to put it to Gollum four times in a row with his hard dick. When the hobbit found out that Gollum had a beautifully wet pussy between her legs, he pulled out Sting and fucked her hard. None of us expected such a fuck! The Master betrayed us, he is evil and false, Gollum, Gollum. My Precioussss, my master is kind, he did it beautifully to us.

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