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Scat Porn Movies SD-2021 - Toilet Man Gang - R49


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Nov 5, 2019
SD-2021 - Toilet Man Gang - R49

Regia and Karen, both whores, have their fix place to attend the customers, but they have their place invaded by a cheap and ugly whore named Karla! They argue with her and the only solution to finish this problem is shitting on Karla?s face and mouth to make her disapear for once and again for that place. In the second part, not satisfied yet, Karla tries to steal another place with another whore called Bel. But they regret more this time, because she founds two worse bitches Chris and Sara and they dominate the weakest bitches and shit all over them!

Studio: MFX Media
Stars: Adriana, Camila, Suelen, Lucia, Bel, Tania and Roland
Category: Scat, Piss, Domination

Size: 577 MB
Duration: 00:54:24
Resolution: 640x480

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