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Scat Porn Movies The Betrayed Husband - MFX Media


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Nov 5, 2019
The Betrayed Husband - MFX Media

Luca Medeiros is mad waiting for her wife Perla to arrive. When Perla does, she gets surprised and scared and Luca Medeiros show her the anger of a betrayed man. He hits her, threats her and forces her to have sex with him, to swallow his cum and finally gives to her scat and piss, so she will learn this unforgettable lesson.

Number on the Site: SD-230
Studio: MFX-Media
Directed by: Marcelo Cross
Actress: Luca & Perla
Category: Scat, All Sex, Scat, scat domination

Size: 374 MB
Duration: 00:57:48
Resolution: 540x360

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