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Nov 5, 2019
The Doctor Knows Best - MFX-Media

Dr. Karla and her assistant Diana are in the office waiting for Tatthy. When she comes in, Diana changes her clothes for the consultation. However, for the patient’s surprise, the doctor and her assistant start feeling sick. The doctor says to let go what is bothering her and Diana shits her pants. The patient gets scared and the Dr. Karla puts her mouth on Diana’s shit. Happy with the situation, the doctor decides to live the greatest moment of her life, soiling herself with a lot of shit

Website Number: MFX-1051
Studio: MFX Media Productions
Producer: Marcelo Cross
Scat Porn Actress: Karla, Tatthy, Diana
Categories: Scat, Smearing, Scat eating, Ass licking

Size: 247 MB
Duration: 01:00:36
Resolution: 320x240

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